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Potli Massage

Experience the warmth and healing power of Potli massage, the ancient Ayurvedic technique for relaxation and rejuvenation!

Potli massage is a traditional healing technique rooted in Ayurveda, which employs heated herbal poultices or Potlis to massage the body. These Potlis are made of a blend of herbs, spices, and oils, each with specific therapeutic properties. The selection of herbs in Potlis can vary, depending on the desired effect of the massage, such as relaxation, rejuvenation, or pain relief. Potli massage is a popular form of natural therapy that aims to balance the body’s energies and promote overall wellness.


  1. Increases blood flow and reduces inflammation, which relieves muscle pain and tension.
  2. Promotes relaxation and reduces stress by calming the nervous system.
  3. Improves sleep quality by inducing deep relaxation.
  4. Boosts immunity by increasing white blood cell production and reducing toxins.
  5. Improves digestion by stimulating the digestive system and promoting bowel movements.
  6. Enhances skin health by increasing blood flow and promoting cell regeneration.
  7. Reduces anxiety and depression by promoting relaxation and improving mood.
  8. Improves flexibility and joint mobility by reducing stiffness and promoting flexibility.
  9. Increases energy levels by stimulating blood flow and reducing fatigue.
  10. Promotes overall well-being and balance by restoring the body’s natural energy flow.



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